While this term may seem unfamiliar to the vast majority, glycosaminoglycans (or GAGs for short) are simply an umbrella category for a range of familiar compounds including collagen, hyaluronic acid, heparin and chondroitin.

GAGs serve a wide variety of biological functions, but most notably, serve as a key foundational player to musculoskeletal health playing a pivotal role in the protection and maintenance of joints.

MOTION ARMOUR provides a unique blend and high quality source of glycosaminoglycans, particularly through its unique ingredient NEM®.

NEM® is a potent source of GAGs, and is sustainably sourced from the delicate inner membrane found in used chicken eggshells, using organic materials that would otherwise be biological waste.

Arguably, one of the most notorious NEM® constituents is collagen, which is bolstered by high quality studies and clinical data that support its protective role in the skeletal system. The administration of NEM® has been shown to improve bone metabolism, bone microarchitecture and enhance the biomechanical resistance of vertebrae translating to stronger and better reinforced bones and joints.

Rigorous and frequent exercise, particularly in high impact sports has the potential to cause significant wear across the skeletal system, leaving individuals susceptible to injury and/or compromised performance. If left unaddressed, the consistent depletion of bone mineral mass can lead to either clinical or pre-clinical osteoporosis symptoms, including pain, stiffness, swelling and increased fragility. Thus, supplementation of NEM® can serve as a useful addition to your current regimen to support in the relief of exercise induced stiffness and soreness, as well as protect the integrity of joints in the future.

NEM® is supported by a portfolio of over 16 research studies, including 4 randomised placebo-controlled trials, and a wide range of supporting in vitro and in vivo mechanism of action studies. In addition to subjective endpoints, like joint pain and stiffness, recent healthy population clinical trials have also included objective endpoints via CTX-II a cartilage degradation biomarker, giving the results additional credibility and substantiation.

In one particular study, which aimed to analyse the effect of supplementation on the rate of bone/cartilage metabolism; findings indicated that NEM® supplementation helped to reduce levels of CTX-II, due to moderate intensity aerobic exercise. Translation, NEM® led to a significant reduction of excretion of bone collagen in comparison to placebo.

NEM® has also been shown to support the reduction of pain and downtime associated with exercise in as little as one day, and support in mitigating stiffness in as little as four days. For individuals who experience chronic pain associated with joint wear and tear, studies indicate significant improvements in pain and stiffness in as little as 7-10 days.

This translates into a cumulative benefit profile, whereby supplementation has consistently, and reliably, demonstrated both an ability to improve and enhance musculoskeletal density and also protect bones from further damage.

NEM® is complemented with the addition of 5-Loxin®, often referred to as a gold standard anti-inflammatory, as well as the widely-known curcumin. In a 2008 study evaluating the efficacy and safety of 5-Loxin® for treatment of osteoarthritis, 5-Loxin® conferred clinically significant improvements in pain scores and physical function scores in osteoarthritis patients. Additionally, significant improvements in pain and functional ability were noted in the treatment group as early as seven days after the start of treatment. This is due to the inhibition of systemic inflammation and reduction of proinflammatory modulators, both of which demonstrate the ability to improve joint health by reducing the degradation of cartilage.

By supporting the immune system through ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, the body is supported for optimal recovery and healing, as well as protection against future injuries. NEM® has demonstrated an optimal safety profile, with no significant adverse events documented, even amongst participants with mild egg allergies. With exercise serving as the primary preventative tool against chronic diseases, ensuring you are protected against injury and discomfort ensures you are able to continue performing at your peak, even in the long run.

Using a combination of clinically trialled, patented ingredients is a first to market product to reduce cartilage breakdown. This all natural formula can also assist with joint mobility, perfect for those seeking to defend joints from issues associated with a heavy training load.